Chocolate Bark & Krispies


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Chocolate bark with rice krispies is one of the easiest sweet snacks to make. Just temper the chocolate, mix in the krispies and let harden.


A bowl of tempered chocolate
Rice Krispies

Tools: Silicon Spatula and Knife


1. Toss whatever you'd like into your bowl of chocolate - nuts, fruit, Rice Krispies, (approximately 40% mixer to 60% chocolate)
2. Fold in gently, and spread an even layer on parchment paper.
3. Drag your fingers through the surface to make a design, but also to make sure its fairly uniform in thickness.
4. As this sets up, you may cut with a knife into small pieces, or wait until it fully hardens and break it up by hand.

Recipe courtesy of Hallie Baker, Turtle Alley Chocolates, 2009.