Grilled Hot Dogs


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The secret to a good hot dog is to slice the hot dogs with shallow cuts, place on a slant on the grill to and use low to medium heat.


4 hot dog rolls
4 hot dogs
relish (sweet and hot pepper)


Preheat grill.

1. Slice hot dogs on a slant, making shallow cuts along the whole hot dog every ¼ inch.
2. Place dogs on a heated grill (low to medium) on a slant to get grill marks onto surface of hot dogs. Turn once or twice to mark all sides of the hot dog.
3. Butter hot dog rolls on two sides and place on grill a few minutes before hot dogs are ready. Turn once to brown both sides.

Remove hot dogs, place in roll and garnish with mustard and relishes as desired.

Recipe courtesy of Bill Yameen, Butcher Boy Markets and Julie Geary, Classic Cooks Catering, 2012.