Asian-style Glazed Chicken Wings


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Marinated in lime, ginger, soy sauce and a bit of New England in the way of maple syrup, these Asian-style Glazed Chicken Wings have a wonderful citrus flavor with just a hint of spice from the chili.


12 chicken wings
3 teaspoons minced garlic in oil
1 teaspoon dried ginger
1/4 cup soy sauce
3 tablespoons lime juice
1/2 teaspoon of grated lime zest
1 tablespoon maple syrup
1 tablespoon chili sauce
1 tablespoon sesame oil
Lime wedges, for garnish
1 teaspoon cornstarch, optional


1. Rinse and pat dry all wings. In a bowl, combine remainder of ingredients(except lime wedges and cornstarch) and whisk well.
2. Place all wings into bowl, coat evenly and let marinate at least one hour, or preferably overnight.
3. When ready to cook, preheat oven to 400-degrees F.
4. Remove wings from marinade and place on a baking sheet that has been lined with parchment paper or tin foil.
5. Bake 20 minutes and then turn wings over to cook for another 20 minutes, or until done.

Serve hot with lime wedges or serve with a side of the marinade glaze on the side.

Marinade Glaze

1. Add 2 teaspoons of marinade to teaspoon cornstarch, mix well.
2. Add remainder of marinade to saucepan with the cornstarch slurry.
3. Bring to a boil over medium-high heat, whisking almost constantly when starting to get hot.
4. After it reaches boiling and has thickened, remove from heat and serve on the side in a bowl for dipping.

Recipe courtesy of Jim Bailey, the Yankee Chef, 2013.