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Tiramisu is considered by some to be the ultimate Italian dessert, or any dessert. You can make it yourself after watching this video.


6 eggs, separated
6 tablespoons sugar
16 ounces mascarpone cheese
4 cups espresso coffee
Optional: ¼ cup Marsala wine (rum or amaretto can be substituted)
¼ cup cocoa powder
½ pint heavy cream, whipped
1 package Savoiardi (sugar coated Italian “lady fingers”)


1. Separate egg yolks and whites.
2. Beat egg whites to a white cloud, making a light merrainge.
3. Add sugar to yolks and beat with hand mixer about 3 minutes to make a zambaglione.
4. Add mascarpone to zambaglione and beat with hand mixer. After thoroughly mixed, fold egg whites into mixture.
5. Fold whipped cream into mixture.
6. Prepare espresso coffee. As an option, you can add into the coffee Marsala wine, rum or amaretto if desired.
7. Wet Savoiardi biscuits in the coffee, being careful not to soak them. Using a large sheet pan, layer the soaked Savoiardi biscuits to cover the bottom of the pan, spread the cream mixture over the biscuits, and sprinkle a layer of cocoa over the cream. Repeat the process to make two layers.

Refrigerate at least two hours and up to 8 to 12 hours for maximum freshness.

Recipe courtesy of Maria Cracchiolo, Caffe Sicilia, 2011.